It all started with a garden...

Agriculture into Art

We are thoughtful and passionate about the process of selecting unique flower varieties that blend all the beautiful colors and textures to curate elegant, awe inspiring designs. We have put in the time to hone our farming and floristry skills so that the flowers we gather become the medium with which we can execute all our creative visions. We believe that art is important, meaningful and adds value to our community.


Sustainable Farming + Floristry

 From the field to the studio we are conscious of how our actions impact the environment. We believe in growing and sourcing flowers that are fresh, seasonal, and sustainably grown. We don't use floral foam in our studio and go the extra mile to make sure our designs are constructed using sustainable floristry methods.

We want to feel safe letting a wild child run through the field barefoot. We love our bees and care about keeping the wildlife healthy and our natural systems in balance. We also care about our customers and want you to feel safe burrowing your nose in one of our bouquets without the fear of inhaling chemicals from imported flowers with large carbon footprints.  

Building Community

We love our flower friends

Everyone is welcome here and we want to create experiences that build connections with each other and the natural world through our flowers. We don’t take it lightly that flowers play a role in all the important moments in our lives. Whether you are celebrating love and commitment or the life of someone special, you will become a part of our story here at Wild Child.

Lux Marina Photography

Our Family Farm

Back in 2007 when we were just baby farmers, we were planning our wedding and decided to grow a big flower garden by the river where we lived. We got married in that garden and ours was the first wedding I ever flowered.  

I was already bit by the farming bug, but I was swimming in vegetables so wherever we lived in those early years of marital bliss, farming in rural Oregon, I grew flowers and I truly couldn’t get enough. Pretty soon my siblings and a lot of my friends were also getting married so I ended up growing flowers and designing for a handful of weddings every summer.

The art of floral design ignited something in me that felt so intuitive and authentic. It really was the perfect creative outlet for my nature-loving, plant geek of a soul and I realized that a seed had been planted inside me, the dream to merge my two growing passions. I poured over floral design books, took workshops, volunteered for floral designers I admired, and practiced my art any chance I got, growing my medium for this artform along the way.  

In 2016 my youngest daughter started sleeping through the night and that’s what it took to finally take the plunge and start the business of my dreams and Wild Child Flower Company was born.

Some think I named the business after the naked children running around my flower garden, and they wouldn't be wrong. But there is also an element of Wild Child in me as well, I've never been able to tame the impulse to twirl in a field of wildflowers, to eat a carrot right out of the ground, to howl at the full moon or take a more unconventional path. I think we all may have a little Wild Child inside us, and if so, you've come to the right place.

Now, over eight years later our family of four is deeply rooted on my grandparents' land, planting seeds and dreaming dreams. We are grateful to be able to share the local flower season with our community and are so happy you found us! 

Photos by Jay Eads

"I think we all may have a little Wild Child inside us, and if so, you've come to the right place."




Owner + Founder
Farmer + Florist
Mama + Dreamer

Lead Designer + Freelancer
Plant Lover + Nature Enthusiast
Mama + Adventurer

Asst. Designer + Freelancer
Web Designer + Content Creator
Mama + Aspiring Houseplant Guru


We are flower-lovin mama friends, spreading joy through fresh-cut flowers




"When I first spoke with Sara about the flowers for my wedding, I had a vague idea of what I wanted and stumbled around trying to articulate it to her. The amazing person that she is, was able to figure out EXACTLY what I was looking for (...)"

Client Love


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